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I Establishing Stage (1986-1992):

Events:In 1986, it,a privately-owned business, was engaged in product casting in three civilianbuildings (no factory name).In 1988, “LongkouZhenzhuang Casting Factory” was founded.In 1990,the company was renamed “Longkou Zhenzhuang Casting Co., Ltd.”.In 1992,the company was renamed “Longkou Zhenzhuang Casting Factory”.

IIGrowing Stage (1993-2002) :

Events:In 1993,the profit value quadrupled that of 1992.In 1998,the company was awarded “Xufu Top Ten Private Enterprises”.In 1999,the company was awarded “Contracthonoring & PromisekeepingEnterprise” by Industrialand Commercial Bureau of Yantai.In September2000, the company passed the certification of ISO9002 Quality ManagementSystem.In July2002, together with “Korea Jinshan Precise Manufacturing Industrial Group”, thecompany founded “Longkou Jinzheng Machine Co., Ltd” with the logo of “JZ”.

IIIRapidly Developing Stage (2003-2007):

Events:In 2003,the company, in addition to the previous business, also involved in the exportbusiness of brake discs and brake drum hubs.In 2004,the company won the damping charge ofAmerica, finally enjoying zero taxrate for export.In 2005,the company passed the certification of TS 16949-2002 Quality ManagementSystem.In 2006,restaurant type management was implemented in the staff dining hall.In 2007,the staff dormitory building capable of accommodating 1,000 people wascompleted and flat management was implemented.

IV StrategyReforming Stage (2008-2010) :

Events:In 2008,the annual production value reached 0.3 billion yuan.In February2009, the company successfully registered the product trademark of “0000”.In 2010,the annual production value reached 0.45 billion yuan, a new historical record.